Massive project will not open since upgrading to Musescore 3.6

• Jan 27, 2021 - 10:53

So, for context, I have recently upgraded to the latest version of Musescore, 3.6; this in itself has brought with it a huge array of technical problems, including the program crashing the moment it opens, the "Would you like to use our new and improved font?" box being unable to be resized, etc, etc, etc.

However, the one thing that has absolutely angered me and made me consider revoking my subscription to Musescore is the fact that since the update, one of my projects, an arrangement of Nobuo Uematsu's Dancing Mad from FFVI for symphonic orchestra which I have been working on consistently for 2 straight weeks, crashes the program every time I select it to be opened. This has never, ever happened before in the 4 years I have been using this program, and the fact it is happening now shows a great deal of flaws in the new release, which would only serve to make Musescore as an entity look rather careless. I have put so many hours of my free (and not-so-free) time into this arrangement, and I am livid and distraught that such a situation has happened. "New and improved", my front bottom!

I have provided a link to the score, which, like the situation with the program, refuses to open and displays a "Page not found" error message, despite opening just fine before the update to 3.6. If anyone, particularly the staff/mods, knows of any way to fix this, I would be ever grateful and absolutely indebted to them for helping in saving a piece of work I have worked so hard on and spent so much time. I don't know if this is an issue that is directly related to one of the problems caused by the 3.6 update or if it is something else entirely, so I would really appreciate any advice or potential solutions to the issue.

While I am here, I'm thinking either uninstalling and reinstalling Musescore or trying to use the task manager to fix this might be worth trying, though I do not understand or know how to use the task manager to deal with this. I have seen some of the staff suggest this "-w" thing, but I don't get what it means or how to apply it to solving this issue, and one also suggested this "kill"-type solution, though I don't remember how they instructed to go about doing it or anything like that. Could someone demonstrate how to go about doing either of these methods ("-w" and "kill" - I can't remember the exact name for the latter)? I would massively appreciate the help.

Many thanks,

Luna G (pianofilms)

Link to the (now-defective) score mentioned earlier:


3.6.1 is already available, so go ahead and download it now.

Some other observations:

  • The crash on startup is an issue with the installation procedure, some weird glitch we are still trying to understand that occasionally happens with the Windows installer. What we do know tells us it is always fixed with a reboot then rerunning the installer to repair or reinstall.

  • Using the "-w" command line option is a workaround to the startup crash (it prevents the start center from trying to access the web, which is what that triggers it). But it has no bearing on the crash that happens in 3.6.0 with scores that have repeats and were saved in continuous view. There was no good solution for that until a few hours ago other than loading it into 3.5 and re-saving in page view. Now that 3.6.1 is out, all should be well on this front.

  • No reason to use continuous view just because you have too many instruments to fit on the page given your current paper and staff size settings. You'll need bigger paper, or smaller staves, when it's time to print, might as well just do it now. Then you can work in page view when it makes sense. In general, continuous view can be nice when entering music initially, but page view is the way to go when making any manual adjustments so you can see what it will actually look like.

  • Not sure what goes wrong when you try to resize the "would you like to try our new font" dialgo, or why you would want to - by default it should fit on the screen very comfortably if your resolution is big enough to meet basic minimum requirements. For me it's easily resizable. But if you are finding it too large, this suggests a deeper problem, not new with 3.6 at all, where MuseScore isn't detecting your monitor resolution correctly. If that's the case, we can help there too.

  • Regarding any other problems you are experiencing, we are happy to help there too, but we'd need you to tell us what the problems are, "etc" isn't descriptive enough :-)

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