Short term ?

• Jan 27, 2021 - 12:37

Hello to all the team !

(Please sorry my poor english).

Congratulations for this version 3.6 full of promises!

I use Musescore and Dorico on a daily basis to compose and orchestrate.

Here are the 5 points that hold me on Dorico:

  • no copy / paste key and time signature (bug or ... ?)

  • Some clusters are unreadable (overlap) and it is very tedious to find an alternative solution.
    Ex. C + #C + D
    (In Dorico it takes the form of a cherry.)

  • Be able to define keyboard shortcuts to avoid the mouse.
    Possibility to add actions / lines in the shortcuts preferences.

  • Tuplets
    The tuplet ratio is not yet able to display the relevant note figure ex. 3: 4 (quarter note)
    In addition, tuplets over bar lines obtained by merging two measures generate metric changes in the Music XML export.
    Solution : possibility to drag the tuplets with arrow keys ?

  • an equivalent / alternative to condensed scores from Dorico?

I would very much like to know what their status is / if any improvements or changes are planned and this within how many months or for which next version?

Thank you so much !
You are doing a wonderful job.

Looking forward to reading you !



In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Thank you for your reply !
Do you think we can hope in a Musescore4 with this solution and copy / paste key / time signature and custom shortcuts for all actions ? This would be wonderful ! Have you more precise info about faisability and the fact theses concerns will be adressed and evebtually release date, maybe 2021 or 2022 ? Thanks !
Sorry my poor english.

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