Bitonal chords (eg. G# plus Gb)

• Jan 15, 2012 - 10:53
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There's NO way to notate bitonal chords (eg. G# and Gb simultaneously). When you try, you get a mess of note heads.

That's a continuation of

Here I put some examples of Musescore and how they should look (the picture may appear cut, in that case click it).


Notice that there are 2 kinds of bitonal 'cash':

1) only 2 notes, one with an accidental and the other with another accidental (see the Standard Music Notation Practice)--> the notes are arranged in a Y shaped stem.

2) chord with many notes plus one bitonal 'crash'--> the chord is arranged in a normal vertical stem and the 'added' note is put in an auxiliary diagonal stem (see Scriabin example).

Thank you!!

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Not sure if this is a bug, or feature request. A mixture, I suppose.

Critical is usually reserved for crashes, or corruptions :).

FWIW, it's not accurate to say there's "NO way" to get these. It's possible; it just takes some work (eg, manually moving note heads, accidentals, and stems, then possiby drawing in diagonal lines, or placing an appropriate glyph from some font that supports the particular symbol you want. Also, the particular representation shown above is only one way to notate clusters. Other editors prefer other methods - which also would be mostly doable with some work.

Direct support for any of these particular conventions would indeed be some work, I think. With the MPA symbol (the forked stem), it seems the music font could define that "V" shape as a glyph. I don't SMuFL provides anything like this? I know the assumption is that stems are drawn, not placed as glyphs.