Adding notes to one staff changes the other notes on the other staffs

• Jan 28, 2021 - 02:46

Here I have a snare part, below it I have three choir parts. Alto, bass, and tenor. When I start adding notes to the snare, It starts to change the notes in all the other parts. For example, I have on all the choir parts, there are 3 quarter notes in a row. On the snare part I'm trying to add eighth notes. When I start adding the eighth notes in, It changes the quarter notes into dotted quarter notes.


It's hard for me to imagine anything that could possible cause something like this to happen, except one: you may think you are entering notes onto the snare part, but somehow you have done something - clicked the wrong staff, or set this up using "linked" staves somehow. So in addition to the score, we would want to know the precise steps to reproduce the issue. Be sure you also check your note input mode icon and tell us which submode you are in (the default step-time, or perhaps rhythm or insert modes, which might also somehow be at play here).

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