[FIXED][Linux Mint/Cinnamon] Window doesn't Start mazimized

• Jan 28, 2021 - 04:32

I've posted this problem on the bug report but I was suggested to ask on the forum whether other people were impacted by this: (https://musescore.org/en/comment/1057218#comment-1057218)

Here's the problem:
1) First time starting MuseScore: It opens in not maximized window (doesn't take the whole desktop place.)
2) Maximize the window by clicking on the window handle
3) Close MuseScore (File > Close or use the window handle)
4) Start again MuseScore: It opens in not maximized window.

Expected Behavior:
MuseScore retains the window size just before it was closed (for example: Maximized)

Other settings (with File > Settings) are saved though.

Config: Arch linux with Cinnamon (= same desktop environment than Linux Mint)


EDIT: Ok, the 3.6.1 (which is not in the Arch repo yet) fixed this.


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