Change instrument for chord symbol?

• Jan 28, 2021 - 14:24

How do I change the intrument of a chord symbol? Right now it's piano, but I want to change it to guitar. Is that possible?


F10 for the mixer and there you can change the instrument independently of the stave.
Nylon guitar with volume a bit lower generally gives good result.

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Thanks Jojo, Perehaps my problem is, that the sound drop down ain't have a choice list.
Only MS Basic...
Perhaps a configuration arround soundfonts is missing...
I already instalt MS4, yet. Now I must search for the sound font activation/import or something similar...

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First, there is no MuseScore 4 yet, only experimental pre-release builds intended for testing. Your original post didn't make it clear you were talking about testing MU4 as opposed to using the official version That's why the suggestions given so far don't apply.

In MuseScore 4, you cannot choose individual sounds within sounfonts indeed. Instead, you would need to select a different soundfont entirely, or a VST instrument, or use Muse Sounds.

But, in current MuseScore 4 builds, if your score is for guitar, the chord symbol playback should already be guitar also. Be sure you are using a current "nightly" build, not one of the older "alpha" or "beta" builds. See the Download / Software menu above and scroll down to the "development" section to access the nightly builds.

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