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• Jan 29, 2021 - 21:27

I would like to suggest a learning tool, if it does not already exist. I have watched some of the VIDEOS but find sometimes Geoge's voice tapers of and I can't hear him. Sometimes you can't see all of his screen and his cursor is too small and quick to follow. I do see that his verbal has been translated to immediate text which is a big plus.

What I am trying to do as a learning exercise is to take an existing piece of a favorite song and try to enter it onto a blank score. That way after 2-3 lines most notes, rests, symbols, ties, dynamics, repeats, etc. would all be covered and I could see at least ONE way to do each of those things. You also have a correct version for comparison. I managed to connect my MIDI keyboard and can enter some notes which is my ultimate goal but again I found George's MIDI lesson too quick to follow. He makes heavy use of shortcuts which is not much help for a novice.

It would be great if somebody could or already has done this. I am using "The Rose" (Amanda McBroom) made famous by Bette Midler.

If this exists please let me know.


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Just viewed the lesson - perfect!. Just what a beginner needs. Every newbie should be directed here. The pace and explanation of detail is just what I wanted. Have watched several lately but in this one I still learned some new items - using normal mode to CHANGE a note value, and basic lyric entry. Do you have a series of these of increasing complexity?
Highly recommended

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Cheers. Think I will have fun here since I can now enter from my MIDI keyboard. Want to try to play different instruments using Musescore voices (maybe not the right term) and then try output MIDI back to the keyboard which has a decent array of synthesized instruments to hear any scores of my own - probably more realistic than Musescore's.

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I see that you have connected a MIDI keyboard.

I would like to do that.

My Casio CDP-235R has instructions for connecting, but I must have done something wrong. No joy.

My computers are a Mac, running OS 10.10.5, and a newer Mac running OS 10.13.6.

Any suggestions for a novice?


Bill Howard
Nellysford VA

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Hey Bill. One of the other members clued me in. In my case I simply had not clicked on the MIDI icon at the top - circle with dots simulating pins. Hover over it to see MIDI. Once I turned that on (click on it) my keyboard was active. In my case I have a cable from the back of my keyboard to a USB port on my PC I am on MuseScore 3.6

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