Adding an accidental to an ornament

• Jan 30, 2021 - 13:41

When I'm producing examples of ornaments with accidentals, I meet this problem. The online handbook says adding an accidental to an ornament is by using the accidentals from the symbols of the master palette. I then tried two trills, one mark and one line, as shown in bar 1. However, they show the accidentals as symbols, not the one really attached to the trill, and encoded as accidental-mark in Musicxml (thus no export at all). I remember I could do the correct way in earlier versions, so I copied one from a 3.2 or 3.3 score, as shown at bar 2. The coding is different, and the sharp is correctly attached to the trill, and can be correctly exported into Musicxml. So, is there anything I missed? Or is there another way to achieve the result of bar 2, but not documented in the handbook? I've forgotten how to do this, so can't reproduce it in 3.6.1. Thank you!


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Thanks, but this is by entering accidentals as a staff text, not the same as bar 2 shown. The Musicxml will encode this as a words tag, not accidental-mark. So I'm wondering how the one at bar 2 was done before, or whether Musescore has changed its functionality to disable this feature (as a regresion, since it will no longer export correctly into Musicxml). I'll try to download an old 3.x to test.

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Ok, I've found why. This only applies to trill line, not all ornaments. So we have to enter as staff texts. This will again become a feature request, since the output is quite non-standard in Musicxml. Accidental is not a text but a symbol controlling the ornament, and it will have above and below placements with turns. Musicxml has very complete descriptions, so Musescore should also do. Apart from the playback rendering, the engraving side should also give easiest way for us, with minimum extra adjustments.

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