Audio does not update when uploading to Musescore

• Feb 3, 2021 - 06:15

I recently updated an old score with new time signatures and switching the instrument used from a piano to a reed organ. When I uploaded the file, I was disappointed to see that the new reed organ sound did not play once the file had finished processing. The new time signatures were there though, so this is purely an audio issue. Is there a fix for this? Or is this a bug? I've included the file below, and a link to the score as it appears on the website. Listening to the file, it is obvious the reed organ plays, but listening to the musescore upload, the old piano sound remains. And to add another problem, the audio is just not synced well to the high-lighted bars. And yes, I'm aware of the switched voices in the bass clef near the end, I'll fix it.

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All ok if i upload it. Plays reed organ*) and sound is in sync with highlighted bars.

*) I opened your attached score in 3.6.1 and there was Piano selected in the mixer. Changed it to reed organ, saved and uploaded it.

Yes, I know that it plays the reed organ sound locally, AND when uploading it fresh, brand new. The problem here is that I would like to just upload and update my existing post with the new version I created. I do not want to upload a fresh new score and then delete the old one. I know this feature exists because I have taken advantage of it many times before, but now it is missing. And it's not just a problem with this score, it has happened with my other scores as well.

It still did not work for me, but I have found a workaround. I am using a Mac, however, I feel that this process must be even easier on a computer running Windows.

Going into the finder, click on applications. Find musescore 3, and right click. Click on "Show Package Contents". Open the "resources" folder, and then open the "sound" folder. In there should be the default musescore sound font (assuming there are no other soundfonts installed). Make a copy of it, and put it into the folder.
Open the score you wish to update, and click on "View" up at the top. Then click on "synthesizer". Load the copy sound font through the synthesizer. Now, when attempting to update the score, the program will recognize the copy as not the original sound font, now giving you the option to not only update the score, but export a new mp3 to update along with it.

Problem solved. least for me, anyway.

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I know. It's super weird, but it's something that has been happening for a while now and it's been driving me insane. My scores simply would not update the audio. Especially with scores that were a WIP, the audio would cut off while the updated parts would continue to scroll by with no audio. But it's fixed now, so who cares, I guess.

FYI, I don't believe this is just an audio issue. I decided to give one of my scores a couple of touch-ups and then uploaded it. The score went up fine, I saw my new changes, but it was (and is) still playing the "old" version hours after the upload. In other words, I added a few extra notes, changed some chord symbols, etc. - all of those displayed fine after the upload. But it is still 'playing' the old version, the version BEFORE I made those changes to the score - it didn't play the new notes I added that ARE clearly notated in the new score. It's cached the older version audio maybe, not sure(?), but you would think it has had plenty of time to refresh the audio portion of this since the upload.

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BTW, a year later, this is still an issue. Contacted technical support, they simply had me "reupload" the score, but of course nothing changed and that was the end of it. I think it would work fine if I uploaded it as a new score, but I wanted to keep the analytics which will, of course, go away in that case. But at this point I'd be willing to do that just to get the proper playback.

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Thanks Marc, I know your response is not directly to me. Yes, I've tried the support team's suggestions which were all to no avail, and I think after a while, everyone (including me) just shrugged it off and gave up. Pretty sure if I uploaded it as a new score all would be well (but then I would lose all the vain metrics).

If you're curious to see what this problem looks like, I have a piano piece presenting all these same issues mentioned in this thread ( I changed up the piano left hand a little and you can see that the piano score is doing something different than the piano audio. I've reuploaded many times (and a couple of other things the support team had me try), and then they said "just wait 90 minutes" (or something like that), but that was a year ago. Like I said, I'm pretty sure this would all go away if i simply deleted this score and re-uploaded, but still wondering why and how it happened so I know what NOT to do.

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As mentioned, there is really nothing anyone here can do to solve problems on that site, and most of us have little insight into how to help people use the site. If the support team on that site hasn't been able to help, perhaps other users of that site might be able to. but again, th place to contact users of that other site is over there on that other site (eg, in one of the community groups like Improving, not here - the people here simply don't have that sort of experience and expertise.

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If the support team on that site hasn't been able to help, perhaps other users of that site might be able to. but again, the place to contact users of that other site is over there on that other site...

Ahh... at last
I finally get it...
Seems to me the key concept to understand here is: other site.

Though maybe I am wrong?

I had the same problem and found the solution.
It seems that editing your score from the website only modify the "visual" but not the sound.
The only way that worked for me is finding the original file on my computer (the one you used to first upload your score on the website). Open this file with MuseScore 4 (idk if older versions work), modify it as you want, then click on "file" on the left corner and click on "upload to MuseScore" as if you were uploading a brand-new score. A pup-up should tell you that this procedure will also change the sound of the score (and that's what you want). Once this is done, it will open the editing page on the website, and you will have to scroll down the page to save modifications.

I hope this was clear.
I tried my best to write in a correct English, as I am not a native speaker.

If it does not work, idk how to help you, but it worked for me, so I hope it will for you too.

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