Alignment of fingerings outside the tab

• Feb 5, 2021 - 14:02
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Currently, it is not possible to get aligned fingerings outside the tab (see,

This has the effect:
-The position of the fingerings currently overloads the tablature, which quickly becomes unreadable.
In my screenshot "fingering_now.png" you can see that the fingerings in the first bar are well outside the tab, but in the second bar the majority of the fingerings are all inside. Don't forget that all beginner guitarists start with the tab and don't understand musical notation.
-That one has to do the work twice. Indeed, if we want to have the fingerings aligned and out of the tab we have to use an alternative method via "CTRL+G" or "CTRL+L". It's a nonsense because we have already placed the fingerings on the score. Moreover, we lose the normal use of its functions.

In view of the above, since the fingerings placed in the score are already automatically transferred to the tab, is to add two more choices in style: "Above the tab" and "Below the tab" (see "window.png").
This would allow the fingerings to be correctly positioned in the tab.

You will find the different print screens below.
fingering.mscz -> base file
fingering_now.png -> actual fingering
fingering_move.png -> proposal
fingering_result.png -> final result
window.png -> proposal to modify fingering styles

I am not a programmer, but I think it would be the easiest and fastest solution.

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As an aside: "Don't forget that all beginner guitarists start with the tab"

"All", sure? Well, not necessarily !
And not my experience with my students. But it's not the subject here :)

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As you know, I am not fluent in English. I apologize if I offended anyone.
But what I meant to say is that very often, before learning music theory, novices, like I was and still am, buy a musical instrument and try to play their favorite piece. Before really thinking about studying music theory.