TAB Fingerings positioned wrongly

• Jan 31, 2019 - 12:13
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OS: macOS High Sierra (10.13)
Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):
revision: 8ca4d2c

First of all, THANK YOU so much for this easy fingering input mode Marc!
This is what I was waiting for a long time! :)

Here how to reproduce the problem

1) Create Guitar+Tablature Score
2) Select TAB Score, right clicking and select Staff/Part Properties
3) Click Advanced Style Properties… —>Check “Show Fingering in tablature”
4) Make some music
5) Add fingerings

Result ; TAB fingerings go diagonally, and when these touching to next system,
the system is pushed under.


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Hello Cadiz!

I also thank you for this easy fingering input mode!
I’ve read the thread!

>Let me little explain when I use “add fingering on TAB”
When I teach the Guitar for whom cannot (or no interest) to read standard notation but TAB only.
For those pupils, I’m making Standard+TAB sheets with fingerings added.
In this case, letting fingerings invisible on standard notation but visible on TAB, as like attached file ;)

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Indeed, use cases can be so diverse that it is probably difficult to imagine them all from one's own point of view.

The fingerings don't appear to physically overlap, so I think not a duplicate of that other issue. I think the fingerings here are avoiding the ghosts of their former selves. I need to find the place where tab notes are laid out and be sure to reset fingerings there as I do for non-tab.

BTW, this is an opportunity to revisit the expected position of fingering on tab staves. 2.x placed them all within the staff which seems bad to me - too easily mistaken for a fret mark. Aside from the fact that the fingerings above/below the staff keep moving, are the new defaults default positions - same as for standard staves - basically OK?

So, my understanding is that my original change at least starts with fingering in the desired location. The above PR keeps it there :-). I'd still wonder about LH fingering, which will remain on staff right in front of the fret mark as is the case for standard staves. But I can't think of a "safe" place to put it otherwise where it would not be in conflict with RH fingering. So my feeling is the best solution is to add regular (piano) fingerings where needed, hide them on the standard staff if desired, as I believe is being shown above, and then if RH fingerings are needed as well, resolve any bad layout manually.

Hi Marc

Thank you so much for creating PR!
So quick, appreciate a lot.

yep, placing LH fingerings on TAB staves are problematic.
As you suggest, not to use LH fingering but regular fingerings in this case.

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