No playback sound while using Aegean Symphonic Orchestra soundfont.

• Feb 11, 2021 - 03:59

When using a sound from the Aegean Symphonic Orchestra soundfont, there are no playback sounds. I get playback when using a default musescore sound, however, when using ASO, there is no playback.


If that is not General-MIDI-compatible, you would need to select appropriate sounds for each instrument in the Mixer. Also, you may need to to choose different options under View / Synthesizer / Dynamics for that soundfont.

ASO, follows GM patch order.
It has additional banks for patches that do not exist in GM.
It is also mentioned on the site and in the Instrument list.

Users have such problems due to the default Synthesizer settings used by Musescore being set to "expressive" and some other problems caused by its settings.

Sometimes it is necessary to click on the notes to make a sound, and sometimes it is necessary to re-select the instruments again. Reselecting patches, saving the score, and then restarting Musescore can also work.

You can try the "v2.5 universal" version, this version doesn't support "expressive" patches and is also compatible with all other software.

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