MuseScore 2.0: Fermata and hairpin playback?

• Sep 1, 2014 - 04:32

I'm using the beta 1 version of 2.0, and I've read that fermatas and hairpins can be observed in playback by tweaking a setting somewhere...but I'm not finding it anywhere. Can someone help me out here? Fermatas in particular are an important component of my compositional methods and I want to be able to hear them in playback without having to export to Finale NotePad.

Thanks in advance!


Hairpins might not currently be working, but fermatas, it's pretty simple. Just up the "time stretch" setting in the Inspector (which is the new-for-2.0 window where almost all adjustments are made now).

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Wow, I love how I can just put in a number and it plays back those fermatas; but it seems like if I use a rolled chord with a fermata, the roll is executed slower as the time stretch increases. Other than that, I really like this new feature! I'm looking forward to the hairpins and other playback improvements, like accel. and rit. Any idea when to expect those features?

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Haipins actually used to work I think, then somehow broke.. So I'm guessing that's just a bug that needs fixing and will probably happen before the release of 2.0. But accel/rit has never been implemented and I would dpubt very much that it would be for 2.0.

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