Custom Palette Grace Note Embellishments

• Feb 12, 2021 - 19:21


I would like to edit the palette "Bagpipe Embellishments" I was curious how this palette was made since I do not believe there is a way to move grace note combinations into a custom palette.

Hope that makes sense. Any help greatly appreciated!


It was coded by hand I assume. You can right-click the palette and choose Save Palette to create an MPAL file which is really just a ZIP file, then unzip it and edit the XML file within it. Not sure what's actually supported as far as that goes, and certainly it's not "documented", but if it's going to work at all, that's how.

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In the pallette.xml file for bagpipe embellishments, every cell definition looks like this:

<Cell name="Grip">

"Cell name" is the name of the pallette item and "subtype" is a number from 0 least 97

Any clue where there is a lookup table or matrix or something for what these numbers correspond to?

In other pallettes, like Articulation, there is an < articulation > tag that seems to match the usage of < BagpipeEmbellishment >, and that seems to all be defined here: MuseScore/src/libmscore/bagpembell.cpp

Does this mean I need to figure out how to do a pull request in order to modify this?

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Marc, if I was going to improve the Bagpipe Embellishments pallette (by updating bagpembell.cpp), would it be a better approach to add the embellishments I need to the BagpipeEmbellishmentsInfo func and remove the ones that are never used in bagpipe music....or would it be better to make additions only, and then make a custom bagpipe pallette for the MuseScore Pipe Band extension with a subset of the ones that actually occur in bagpipe music? (I'm gearing up to making my first PR at some point and I want to get it right)

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Hi! I know nothing about bagpipe music, so I'm not really one to ask. I can say that the palette was supposedly created in consulting with people who did, and those people believed these combinations are all relevant, so it would also be important to understand what alternate traditions might exist in which that is true, or at least what misunderstanding they might have been operating under.

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The pipers I work closely with have shared that a number of common movements are missing, and that there are several that "just aren't a thing". The sheer number of items in the embellishments pallette makes it difficult to parse through and use. I don't want to step on any toes though, so I will probably add the missing ones to what's there and then use a custom subset in the MPB extension workspace.

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My guess is that there are different pipe traditions, and in some traditions, some ornaments are a thing and others aren't, but in other traditions, it might break down differently. So what might make sense is to figure out how to break up the one huge palette into separate ones for the different traditions. But, I'm basing this not on any specific knowledge, just kind of common sense - certainly, this sort of thing would be true in the different jazz traditions, the different classical traditions, etc.

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