Out-of-pitch sounds for strings (probably everything)

• Feb 15, 2021 - 05:09

I loaded version 2.3.2 onto my Chromebook Linux. Input and playback sounds are just terrible: out of tune and discordant. I've tried reloading my sound fonts, but I'm a real basic computer user, and I'm not sure I'm doing anything right. I need help to fix the sounds!

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2.3.2 is quite outdated meanwhile, current is 3.6.2
But even in 2.3.2 there's nothing discordant or out of tune, not for me on Windows 10, not with the default soundfont

If you have an ARM Chromebook, then 2.3.2 might be the best you can do, but otherwise, definitely get the latest - 3.6.2.

As it is, any audio issues you are having may well be hardware-related, like maybe the Linux audio drivers just don't handle that particular device well. But, maybe try exporting to MP3 to see if that sounds any different, and if not, upload the MP3 somewhere so we can hear what you are. Or do a screencast video of the playback.

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