[CORRUPTED FILE] Error MSCX in line ... : unvalid bar length -2/8

• Feb 16, 2021 - 15:43


I can't open my file anymore, it is very embarassing because it took me hours to do it.

I got this error (French) :
- "Le fichier ... est corrumpu et ne peut pas être traité."
- "Montrer les détails : Erreur MSCX à la ligne 4453 : longueur de mesure non valide : -2/8"

The details specifies me that I have a negative bar. I got this error after deleting a 4/4 bar which i changed into 19/8.

Fortunately, i saved few minutes ago the score into a pdf : here is the moment where is the bug, in the last system of the page. With the -2/8 negative bar, there were the end of bar 18 and beginning of bar 19 playing at the same time

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I precise that i was editing individual piano part and then i went back to the main score, edited it (this passage specifically), it crashed.

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I can see a path to recovery, but it will take work. First, open the MSCZ file in a ZIP program and extra the MSCX file. Now edit that MSCX file in a text editor and look for all occurs of -1/12. You'll need to fix them, and probably the least painful will be to remove everything within the Measure tags, including those tags themselves. There are quite a few of these, so you'll be at it a while And it will probably mess up the placement of lines in your score like voltas and hairpins. But it's better than nothing.

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