Problem with video display

• Feb 18, 2021 - 05:46
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S4 - Minor

Open an old file needing update to 3.6. When the file is opened, there is a dialog requesting if you want to upgrade to the new fonts and features of the new 3.6 release. In this dialog some of the text is displayed on top of itself (one line of overlapping text where there should be 2 lines.) Also the button to accept these new features is inactive (grayed out).

This is a brand new install on Manjaro Linux. Using both open source drivers or nvidia drivers. Graphics card is Nvidia GTX 770.



I wonder if you are also seeing other glitches that are due to display / resolution issues, like maybe your icons or text are poorly sized by default, or score itself too big or too small at 100% view? Typically these issues would occur together. And the solution is usually to either add the "-D xxx" command line option or to play with the setting of the environment variable QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR (1, 0, or unset).

How are you starting MuseScore now - not using the AppImage from the command line? Even if you don't use the command line normally, you must have used it once at least, to install the AppImage? So just do the same thing again, but add "-D 200" (or whatever the proper value is for your system, trial and error will suffice if you don't know) to the end of the command line.

If you are not using the AppImage but instead some sort of third party build, uninstall that and get the AppImage instead, via the Download link above.

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Hi Marc, please remember I am totally new (and mostly clueless to linux). Manjaro comes with an application installer. I don't know the name of it. You type in the name of the application you want and it finds and installs it. (pretty slick) The terminal is not involved as far as I can tell. After it's installed it shows up in the application menu. Click on it and it runs. If you right-click the menu it gives you the option to create a desktop shortcut, which is what I did. So to answer your question as to how do I start Musescore, I just click the desktop icon.

I DO know how to open the terminal. If you can give me the complete command with the "-D 200" at the end, I will be glad to try it.

Thanks for your help and
thanks for a great program.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you how Manjaro sets things up, but normally, the command lime would just be "mscore". But also, it sounds like you are talking about some version installed by Manjaro, meaning it probably isn't the AppImage we build and support ourselves. Lots of things tend to go wrong with builds provided by third parties, so I definitely recommend trying the official AppImage you get from this site - see the Download menu above.