Dragging drum voices with Piano Roll

• Feb 23, 2021 - 12:33

Hi everyone,

An extension to a previous post.
I want to change for example all the ride cymbal notes to Hihat notes by dragging in the piano roll. Unfortunately Musescore changes the note values as I do this.
Here's a link to a short 4sec video to show this.
Is there a way to stop Musescore doing this?


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Thanks, Yeah okay, it kind of works, they're still ride cymbal notes though just in a different place on the stave and if you did want ride cymbal notes as well in the same piece..... well I suppose you could use Ride cymbal 2 and then alter the position of that one, but we're getting very messy now. And then I've got to remember to 'edit' it back again before I start another new file.
I just want to drag all the ride cymbal notes to hihat notes, Musescore dosen't allow drum voices to be dragged on the stave (I'm hoping it will be implemented sometime in the future as per my previous posts on this, here by the way if you're interested https://musescore.org/en/node/314849)
I thought the piano roll would do it but as per my video it changed the note values.

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