Text on colorful background

• Feb 24, 2021 - 21:00

Dear Sirs
I need to put a text on the score but I want to put the text on a colored background, how to do it in Musescore
I've done this in the past, but I forgot, please guide me
I am very grateful
Roberto Antonio Dal Medico


After adding the text, go to the Inspector and add a "frame" to it by selecting the shape you want. You can then set the border of the frame to be invisible, the background color to be whatever you want - but be sure to set the opacity or "alpha" channel so it isn't transparent. Details vary by OS.

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Yes, you did it with a line, but that's a not good way, there is no guarantee ut will stay aligned with the text as the layout changes.

I'll try to be more specific in my answer:

1) click the text
2) go the Inspector
3) where it says "Frame", set it to "Rectangle"
4) where you see "Thickness" under "Border", set it to 0
5) where it says Highlight, click the apparently empty space (it's transparent) to bring up the color picker
6) choose the color you want
7) be sure to set the "opacity" aka "alpha channel" as you like (0 is fully transparent so it won't be visible; 255 is full opaque

Looks like you had chosen a light yellow with opacity 80.

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