remove F clef

• Feb 25, 2021 - 15:31

How do I remove the F clef completely.
I tried to select it and use ctrl-del and it didn't help
please help


You can't remove a clef, you can make it invisble or replace it by another.

I guess though you don't really want to remove the F clef (only), but want to remove the entire (left hand piano) staff, so press I and remove the staff in that dialog

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don't know how to exemplify it but it removed only the instrument associated with the F clef.
Selecting only the F clef and using ctrl-del removes the entire score (3 instruments) but using: i (instrument)
opens a window in which I can add or remove an instrument. The score has now 2 instruments as I wanted.
But I'm going to re-write it since there are many things I don't like.
Will try to follow the process and send pictures the next time it happens. Maybe today.

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Selecting a clef and using Ctrl+Del does just nothing.
Selecting all measures of a staff and using Ctrl+Del removes all measures and indeed for all instruments. It does not remove the instruments though, as I reveals, and also Ins or Ctrl+Ins (to insert measures)

in short: A clef is not a staff. You don't ever want to remove a clef.

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