MuseScore rejects loading an SFZ file to the Synthesizer

• Feb 25, 2021 - 19:02

Hi. I downloaded and unzipped a free, beautiful Steinway grand piano SFZ soundfont from GITHUB into the soundfont folder, opened MuseScore and attempted to load it into the synthesizer. There were 3 SFZ files available. When I clicked the "add" button, they began to load, got to about 50%, then they al stopped with this message from MuseScore:

Any ideas what went wrong? This font is very beautiful and really mimics a Steinway. It is very large, however (over 1 GB). Could that be the problem?


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I found another grand piano soundfont that is equally as beautiful, and its SFZ file loaded fine, so I can use that for all my piano compositions. So, unless you are just interested to explore why MuseScore failed to load the 3 Steinway SFZ files, you can drop the effort. Thanks as always for every help you have been giving me.

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