New Time Signatures Don't Save Correct Beamings

• Feb 27, 2021 - 06:03

I'm working on a mixed meter piece where I need the 7/8 rhythms to beam by default as 2-2-3 as opposed to 3-2-2 (the default), so I've made a new time signature in the palette to reflect the beaming. Each time I do this, as I've tested it on 3 occasions now, it not only does not correct the beaming, but undoes any manually corrected beamings, turning my 2-2-3's into 3-2-2's. While I know I can manually edit each, measure, it can become bothersome with 7 parts where it resets every measure over a 9 minute piece. Is this a bug or user error?


It should work and does for me. So in order to understand and assist, we'd need more information. To start with, the score where you are seeing problems, but also, your palette. You can right-click the palette title and Save Palette to create an MPAL file to upload here (you might possibly need to change the file extension to ZIP in order for the attachment feature to accept it).

My guess is that you didn't add the time signature to the palette correctly, though. So you might want to decribe your exact process there.

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