Various staff properties to revert to default values on changing the Tablature type in Instrument>Staff Type

• Feb 27, 2021 - 08:43
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Musescore 3.6.2

If I've set a few Staff properites or Advanced Staff properties (on a tablature staff) and then I change the Tablature type to Simple, Common or Full, MuseScore replaces my choices with default values.

This tasks me with tediously resetting those values.

For example, after editing several tablature staff properties I decide to switch to the Simple or Common or Full tablature staff type. I'd like to be able to do so without reentering the various tablature staff settings. (I suppose there's some sort of style option I could invoke as a workaround, but I'd rather not have to create a style for each possible scenario, just because I know MuseScore likes to wipe the properties. I'd rather see MuseScore automatically keep the staff properties, or post a dialog asking if I want to keep or discard the existing properties when switching Staff type.

New>Guitar + Tablature
Enter a few notes
Click on the tablature staff
Right-click and choose Staff/Part Properties
Set a value like Scaling ... or Advanced>Font properties like, fontSize, fontFace or Continuous
OK the dialog
press i to enter the Instrument dialog
Change the tablature type to Common or Full

Unexpected result: MuseScore resets the properties just edited. I would expect it to retain those values, even if it has to copy them from a staff object that it plans to discard.



Hmm, I'm not really sure what you would expect here. Making changes to those properties is all those preset staff types do. The preset is just a pre-defined group of these settings. Which is to say, there is nothing you get by switching from Common to Full or whatever that you wouldn't also be able to get by changing the properties directly. And thus, there is no way to say, "use my custom settings, but no, don't use them, use these others instead".

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Said another way: your settings aren't reverting to "default" values - they are changing to exactly the set of properties that defiens the Common (or whatever) staff type.

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When first working with tablature in MuseScore I was dizzied by the number places I had to visit to configure a tablature staff of my liking. Eventually I memorized the paths, and simultaneously numbed to the experience and my incredulity, knowing it's all worth it, because MuseScore is truly such a great app.

If one has not made any changes in Staff properties, then the difference are simply

Simple: Just fret numbers. No stems. beams or dotted notes
Common Fret number + stems below the staff, beams and dotted notes
Full is the same as Common, but the stems run through the staff lines

>> Marc wrote >> I'm not really sure what you would expect here.

I was expecting I could switch between Simple and Common just to show/hide: stems, beams and dotted notes. But it sounds like you're saying that Simple, Common and Full are just "styles" that hold and will apply a "full set" of Staff/Tablature properties, and that's why they overwrite various staff properties I've set manually. Unfortunately the Handbook fails to make this clear as show in this citation:
      Tabalture type option from MuseScore Handbook.png

By this description I understood that the choice of Simple, Common and Full ONLY affected those properties discussed. And that other staff/tablayture properties were defaults which, if changed by the user, would persist when switching between Simple, Common and Full.