Visibility checkboxes for Staff: 1 and Staff: 2 of a "Classical Guitar + Tab" instrument

• Feb 28, 2021 - 02:31

I often score in a configuration of an 8bv treble clef staff (set to guitar) and a linked tablature staff.

     Instrument dialog Visibility checkboxes.png

Whlle editing generally I can fit four to five systems per page, which is fine.

However, when it’s time to print I would like to:

    a) easily hide tablature the tablature staff so I can fit 8 treble clef systems per page


    b) easily hide the treble clef so I can fit 8 tablature systems per page

I considered generating Parts, but the treble clef and the linked tablature clef seem inextricable (i.e. not Part-able.) And even so, if I could get that to work, it looks like I’d have to reenter all the line breaks, spacing, etc. which is a deterrent from using Parts.

So I tried the Instrument window where MuseScore offers a Visible checkbox for various instruments.

There MuseScore shows a checkbox the Guitar instrument as a whole, but shows no checkboxes for Staff: 1 and Staff: 2 — which is exactly what I need.

I wonder if the code already exists beneath the surface for the described show/hide functionality .... but there’s simply no UI checkboxes to avail the user.

If there’s not presently any foundation for this functionality (checking the visibility of Staff: 1 and Staff: 2) please consider it a request.




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