Clavinova 309

• Mar 1, 2021 - 03:50

Does Musescore allow editing MIDI files from a CVP-309 and saving them to be returned to the CVP without any data corruption? Is a special CVP-309 plugin required? Which Musescore settings would I use? Thank you.



MuseScore can import MIDI and can also export to MIDI, but it is not a MIDI editor. By which I mean, your CVP-MIDI gets turned into a score within the MuseScore data model, possibly losing some MIDI track/channel information and when exporting an entirely new MIDI is generated according to MuseScore export logic.
This exported MIDI-file may or may not work with your CVP-309 and is in that respect no different from any other MIDI file exported from MuseScore, regardless its origins.

I would put it this way: no, there won't be corruption, but MuseScore is a notation editor, not a MIDI editor, so you're basically translating the data into an entirely different format, then translating it back. It's unlikely you will get back exactly what you started with even if you make no actual edits, but the result will still be musically correct and with no "corruption" of data.

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