Crashes on startup - tried everything

• Mar 2, 2021 - 15:10

I have been using musescore through multiple versions for years. I'm not a power user but have used it frequently for small tasks related to teaching music to young students.

I have been running 3.5.2 for some time with no problems until yesterday (after not using for about a month) it crashed on opening. Tried all the things that were mentioned in other posts:
- start with -F, start with -w
- repair
- try opening a score instead of just running from start menu

No luck. So I installed 3.6.2. Same problem. Tied same solutions as above with no luck.

Uninstalled and reinstalled same problem. Tried all the above solutions again still no luck.

Uninstalled reinatalled 3.5.2 same problem. None of the above solutions worked.

Any help appreciated - I'm at a loss.


Logic says that if you didn't change MuseScore when it stopped working, possibly something else is interfering. Did you recently (and knowingly :) ) change anything about your setup? A new printer? MIDI keyboard?

Would you be willing to try downloading the "portable" version and see if that starts up?

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OK.. then the good news is the installed one likely does have some kind of corrupted/unexpected setting, but for some reason this crashes before your reset to default kicked in..

Try this:
1. Make sure MuseScore is closed.
2. Open an explorer window and navigate to "%APPDATA%\MuseScore"
3. Remove MuseScore3.ini
4. Restart MuseScore (the installed version)

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