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• Mar 2, 2021 - 15:26

Hello -

I am experiencing sudden jumps from one page/measure to another. Not during playback but while entering/modifying, the score will jump to a specific measure (32 if it matters) and will also do so at every save.

The notes I am entering are still there - the view just jumps to that measure.

Also now I have some strange added space to the beginning of a different measure.

If you can help, it is appreciated. I cannot post this score as, while I have arrangement rights, I cannot share it. I have looked but do not see this bug mentioned.

Could this be from opening it on a version without the latest update? I did that once.


It's an oddly specific behavior which I've not heard of before.

If you're concerned about copyright, try saving a copy of the score and use repitch mode to make all notes the same pitch easily. If it still shows the same weird behavior, then you can share that score here with steps to reproduce.

I now have a "corrupted" score with the attached errors. "Ignore" works fine and it still is workable and playable and I am making copies of this file. Worried about losing them all if this is a problem, though.

I will work with the repitch and post the score later but any insight on the errors themselves might be helpful if it is an easy fix.

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The point of the repitch is you would hold down the "C" key (for instance) to replace all notes with "C", thus recognizing the music unrecognizable to any copyright attorneys who felt inclined to sue you over posting it to a Support forum (which, I should add, has never ever happened even once, so probably you don't need to bother).

Probably simply doing Ctrl+A then Delete to remove the notes but leaving the structure of the piece would also allow the problem to still be reproduced, but hard to say.

OK all of the errors in the corruption details are measures with added 8th note triplets on quarter note beats. They are, however, correctly notated and functioning/playing correctly. I am unable to see anything wrong here. Since every measure with triplets is an error, I do not see how copying and pasting over them (the suggested fix) is going to help since I had to enter them manually the first time and those measures have "errors" as well.

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Sharing the score violates the contract I signed with BMI so I can't do that. I may repitch it and share it that way but when I tried that it appeared I would have to do each line and section separately which is a bit of work. Not terrible but I have to find time to do that soon.

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Try this:

Copy a single, random note, to place it on your clipboard. Next, with the notehead still selected, R-click and Select / all similar elements. All the noteheads will now be highlighted. Go to Edit / Swap with clipboard and all pitches will be replaced, but not the note values. HTH

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Measure 22, staff 40 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 54/48
Measure 26, staff 40 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 54/48
Measure 30, staff 40 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 54/48
Measure 59, staff 40 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 54/48
Measure 63, staff 40 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 54/48
Measure 80, staff 40 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 63/24

Staff 40 is the last one, the Drum staff

Measure 22:
See that quarter rest? Thst should be an 8th rest as far as I can tell?

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Had you closed and reopened the score during that time? Corruptions are only reported on open. So it could have happened any time during the last editing session - the previous time you opened the score.

Corruptions always indicate bugs in MuseScore, and we want to know about them, but in order to investigate, we need to know how to reproduce the problem - what editing operations you took that resulted in the corruption. The corruption isn't your fault of course - no sequences of steps should cause corruption - but we would need your help in tracing back to your steps to see if we can figure out what triggered the problem. So anything you can remember about the most changes you made to those measures before the corruption occurred would be useful.

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The time interval of the "random" jumps suggests an autosave, since it jumps on save. However, I did not know musescore had this feature and don't think I would have had it enabled if I had the choice.

Manual fix of measures does not work - errors reappear in all locations after close and reload. Copy and paste of a single measure does not work - errors reappear in all locations. The suggested fix was copy and paste of more than one measure, which I will try but is not really applicable, though I can make small changes to work around that. I will try that on my next break.

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Interesting, I can reproduce this, never seen anything like it before. Meanwhile, pressing Shift+L will return you to your previous selection, which is something of a workaround I guess.

Also, deleting the content in those measures does seem to fix the problem more permanently, so yes, I think fixing the corruptions is the key.

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You might try one measure at a time - delete, scroll away, save, see if that was the problem. Once you've identified the problem measure, then you can worry about re-entering. Even so, probably doing this with a copy of the score and then copying and pasting from the old to the new might be good enough.

First of all, since I tend to get bogged down in details, let me thank everyone who has helped so far. Y'all have made this much easier. Thank you.

OK, status update Sunday 3/7. I have deleted all the measures and the errors/corruption warning has disappeared, without adding any of the measures back to the score.

However, the extra space in m.65 persists and I have a new behavior to report. After deleting all the measures, saving, exiting and reloading, I was able to successfully manually add one of the measures (m.22) back (manual fresh entry), save/exit/reload and receive no error upon launch BUT noticed the last 8th note of the measure (high tom, drum part) in the upper line will not save at all upon multiple tries. Neither manual entry or copy/paste will let me keep the entire rhythm in that bar. I have not tried the others yet.

I guess what I need to know is if this has a chance to corrupt the score to the point I cannot use it, which it has not done so far. I do have a deadline coming up for part distribution and editing is where most of my time is going currently (this is an arrangement I am doing largely by ear). I can handle "ignore" on launch if needed but don't know if stability is at risk by doing that.

Thank you again.

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Regarding not being able to enter a note into the measure, presumably you have shortened that measure's actual duration. Just set it the way you want in Measure Properties. Or it's still corrupt. Again, we'd need you to post the score to really help more. You definitely don't want a corrupt score, any number of things can go wrong after that, including the weird jump you saw, but more likely, crashes, or other surrounding measures starting to rewrite themselves.

The extra space in measure 65 is simple enough, looks like for some reason you set the "Leading space" for the first note to 50 spo. MuseScore is simply honoring that setting. Hit the Reset button next to that field in the Inspector.

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The measure reads as 4/4 and has an eighth rest available to fill, it just won't take a note in the space after save. However, it doesn't read as corrupt on next launch because I can't save it with the note there.

If I copy and paste the correct rhythm into the measure OR enter everything again, it will save and then read as corrupt upon next launch, inserting the wrong rhythm total again as before. It's the same problem on the same score.

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I'm confused, there are lots of different steps posted in lots of different responses, and the only ones I can find that seem relevant here describe "After deleting all the measures, saving, exiting and reloading, I was able to successfully manually add one of the measures (m.22) back (manual fresh entry)" - I don't know know how to reproduce that. So we'd need a score posted after that, then describe precisely what to do from that point on - all I have to go on is "will not save at all upon multiple tries" but I don't know exactly what you tried.

What we need is your fixed / non-corrupt score we can load, and then precise step-by-step instructions to follow, like:

1) click the last quarter note in measure 22, snare staff
2) press N
3) type "4 A"


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Sorry for the delay - the parts rollout deadline was today.

But I stumbled on something that might help. The extracted drum part is error-free (which I have to create a new part for printing just the drumset part(s) because it is always garbled when I try to edit parts/drumset from a full score, which is another bug but perhaps not relevant to this).

The error-free part was extracted from the corrupted score. However, once I delete the original drum part then copy/paste the drum part from the extracted part back into the score, the errors return.

So take the attached score, extract the drum part onto a new drumset canvas/file, then try deleting the existing drum part from the score, replacing it with the copied/pasted extracted part.

Now we are on spring break so I will be able to do more specific troubleshooting. Thank you again.

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That score is corrupted. As we've observed, all sorts of bad things can happen starting with a corrupted score. The question still remains, how did it become corrupted? That's where we need a clean uncorrupted score and steps to follow that cause it to become corrupted or otherwise behave badly.

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Thank you Marc, however now I am the one who is confused.

If I knew how it became corrupted, I'd also likely be able to solve it. This is a software bug and unlikely to be due to anything I entered.

I had guessed that I opened and saved the score on an older version vs. updating prior to saving but I cannot verify that, and in any event this is the version of the score I have going forward. There are too many additional edits to reproduce from the last uncorrupted copy, if I could find one.

My correcting or deleting and re-entering, or copy/pasting the rhythms (the suggested fix and other ways mentioned above) in those few measures have met with no success. As I said last post, extracting the drum part did give me an uncorrupted drum part (only, score still corrupted).

I know you all have much to do and I wouldn't expect you to be able to recall the full history of this troubleshooting, or even perhaps that it would warrant that type of attention. My motivation here is to offer what help I can (if any) for future users as my (print and pdf only) submission is on a deadline and likely won't be fixed by that time. If that can't be done, I will again thank everyone for their help and move on.

At this point, when I print to pdf for the publisher copies, or need to print copies on my own, I am going to manually edit those few measures and print, in lieu of another solution. In other words, if I am not expressing myself clearly to where I can be helped or the solution is not in the offing, it is ok. I can get what I need from the work I have done.

Thank you again.

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Corruption is indeed always the result of a bug. but, bugs needs to be triggered by some user action, and until we know the exact sequence of steps that causes the corruption, we can work on fixing it. That's why we need the uncorrupted score and steps to reproduce the problem from there.

I certainly understand it would take you time to figure that out. not as much time as it would take us to guess what you might have done, though. So you are in a better position to figure out the stores. But maybe someone will see this and decide to spend that time. Hopefully so, because we'd certainly love to be able to fix the problem.

Meanwhile, it's not clear what you mean when you say renetering the rhythms met with no success. It certainly worked to removed the notes - I tried it and the corruption was gone. If the corruption comes back with the particular steps you used to re-enter the notes, then it sounds like you do have the steps. But I do get it might be a long process to write it all out. What I can suggest is, however you re-entered the notes, try doing it differently. Probably of our 100 ways of entering those notes, 99 work perfectly, one triggers the bug. So all you need to do is switch to one of the other 99.

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