Adding texts to bars

• Mar 3, 2021 - 13:51

How do I add texts to bars and repeat bars?


I've found it easiest to use a generic text line attached to the bar. Then you can use the start/end text from it to "attach" it to a barline.

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I'm sure that's true, although that in itself may represent a limitation in the design if there is no way to create a no-op repeat text.

Eventually, we should simply implement a "measure text" element. Obviously, all the necessary support code is there. If the parent of a text is an element, we already lay it out that way according to the alignment. And measures have an element list that can contain jumps & markers, no reason they couldn't contain arbitrary text. Probably just a matter of making a new element type, subclass of TextBase, and hooking it up to the add, read, and write code.

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