Preferences for MIDI I/O not saved in version 3.6.2....

• Mar 3, 2021 - 16:56

I cannot get my MIDI keyboard to talk to Musescore 3.6.2. The same keyboard and MIDI interface work with other programs, I get playback of notes already in my score, and notes will sound if I click on them. But notes played on the keyboard do not sound. I have repeatedly set and re-set the MIDI In and Out under preferences. Often when I return to Preferences, the selections under the MIDI I/O drop boxes have been cleared by the program, and are then blank. Confusingly, sometimes they remain. Some days after fooling around a bit, the keyboard mysteriously starts working. Today nothing works.

Does anybody understand how MS3 deals with MIDI? Does it need a virtual port?


What OS are you on? Generally, connecting and turning on your device before starting MuseScore is a good idea. Or, if making changes later, not only changing the settings in the dialog, but then also hitting the "Restart Audio and MIDI Devices" button.

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Thanks for your response. I am using Win 10. I do start the keyboard before starting Musescore. I have also been hitting Apply, and Re-start devices. Other programs that I use seem to make the connections with the same MIDI keyboard without any issues; and some days Musescore does too.
I make selections under In and Out, hit Apply, and Restart devices and then OK. When I re-open Preferences, the selection boxes are blank. Do you know why Musescore would clear these boxes? Is it because the program cannot find the In/Out devices?

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