Layout terminology: Grand staff and tablature

• Mar 5, 2021 - 07:27

I see that layout property organization and terminology is now markedly improved in MuseScore 3.6.

However a property entitled "Grand Staff Distance" governs the spacing between a "regular" notation staff and tablature, for instance, 8vb treble clef and a linked tablature staff.

But I'm not sure if a treble clef and a linked tablature staff can correctly be considered to be a grand staff.
I think of them as staves within a system/track, and accordingly the distance between them would be governed by "Staff distance."

I think of a grand staff as a bracketed pair of staves that affords a widened range of pitch for an instrument like piano, harp or organ. However the term grand staff can also it can pertain to any bracketed pair.

Am I incorrect in this opinion?

Then in MuseScore we see that Guitar + Tab template produces an unbracketed pair, where the tablature staff does not extend the range of pitch for an instrument, but merely duplicates the notation in a graphical representation of a particular stringed instrument in a particular tuning.

Perplexed ...



A grand staff is an instrument with multiple staves, like Piano or Organ. But apparentöy also plucked strings with a linked staff.
It is not an independant staff, so should not listen to staff distance setting, which in reality rather is part distance.

I could certainly see extending the model to include a third group of settings: one for distance between instruments (*the current staff distance), but to then subdivided the current "grand staff" settings into one group that applies to staves that "add up" to a single instrument (like piano) and a different group that applies to linked staves that present alternate views of the same instrument. Not sure how often in real published music any such distinction is made, but a "linked staff distance" setting would do the trick if there enough real-world call for it.

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