Two short pieces on one page

• Mar 5, 2021 - 12:36

I'm trying to put two short folk tunes one one page, including title etc. for both. How can I make the necessary space between the pieces and add the title for the 2nd piece? The aim is to make the two pieces easy to play one after the other for dancing while retaining titles and composer credit.


Add a section breat to the last measure of the 1st piece
Insert a vertical frame with the 1st measure of the 2nd piece selected.
Insert title into that frame
If need be use a spacer from the last measure of thr 1st piece to push the frame down, or use the frame's ditance settings for that

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Thank you. I've got the frame in and added a second title. It appeared at the top but I was able to drag it down to where I wanted it. I can't see how to do the same with the composer's name, though.
I'd also like bar numbers to restart for the 2nd tune if possible.

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Don't drag stuff around, better use the Inspector and the the Element's offsets. Here though I don't think you need it at all.
Composer gets added the same way ad Tilte: right-click into the frame, select Add Composer.
If you use a section brak like I tod you to, measure numbers will start coung from one for the 2nd piece.

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I've sorted the titles etc., thank you. I'd used a System not Section Break.
One last thing if you have moment. In the second piece, I want to insert a System Break at the repeat sign , which comes part way through Bar 17, but the program wants to put it at the end of the bar instead, keeping the upbeat on the previous system. I'm sure I've managed this in another score but I can't seem to persuade it to work this time. What am I doing wrong? I've attached the score (I hope! Sorry - I'm very new to all this!)

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