Pickup Measure Shows Full Duration in Only One Staff

• Mar 6, 2021 - 13:43

I recently updated to version 3.6.2, and I ran into an odd issue when adding an instrument to an existing template. The existing pickup measure in the score shows a whole rest when there should only be a quarter rest (as the measure is only one beat long). This occurs only in the staff that was just added; all the other instruments show the expected pickup.
Playback is normal, and I can manually change the duration by inputting a quarter rest, but it still seems like it shouldn't happen.

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Indeed, it's not good that a measure rest can appear in pickup measures even though technically it's allowable. It doesn't happen by default, but any number of things one does editing can possibly cause it to happen. Just be on the lookout and fix it manually where necessary. And, maybe figure out what it was you did that triggered it, and don't do that. It's good it's possible to get that notation, not good that it can happen accidentally.

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