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• Mar 7, 2021 - 14:59

In four places, I have a "Line" that I have added. It seems the only data that is NOT saved is the Line Thickness which is currently set to 0.40sp. It's supposed to be 0.20sp.

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Broken in 3.5.2 portable as well.

  1. Changed first line (chorus at m46) from 0,40 to 0,20
  2. Save, Close, Reopen
  3. First line was back at 0.40; but also note that following lines were now 0.80sp
  4. Changed first line again from 0,40 to 0,20
  5. Save, Close, Reopen
  6. First line was back at 0.40; but also note that following lines were once more doubled, now at 1.60sp !

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OK, sorry, you're right, that particular setting doesn't have a style, at least not user-visible. Pedal and some other line types do.

I think the issue here is actually something a bit different, and the trigger is the fact that the staff for some reason has been scaled to 200%. If the goal was to get everything bigger, don't do it that way, instead use the overall score scaling in Layout / Page Settings.

The bug here is that custom line widths on scaled staves are getting scaled incorrectly on save/reload. I guess the staff scaling is getting applied at both ends. Works fine for score scaling, which is the normal way to do this, and why it's probably never been reported before.

BTW, also instead of hiding clefs after the initial one, if you don't want them, just turn them off in Format / Style / Page.

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You did that by right-clicking the staff and going to Staff/Part Properties. So undo that and instead scale the whole score, this produces better results. It's still a bug - even individually scales staves should allow you to change line width - but individually scaled staves are not needed or appropriate here, since there is only one staff.

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