Adding bulk text to my score

• Mar 9, 2021 - 04:15

Hi! I am trying to add bulk text to my score. I have gone into 'palettes' then I chose 'frames'. I clicked and attempted to drag the box to the score but just got a red circle. I clicked on the score and then double-clicked the frames box, but still nothing. Would love to be able to do this or I shall just have to do them separately. Thank you. Karen


When dragging, you need to release after reaching the element you want to drag it to - in the case of frames, you need to drag to a measure, or another frame. When it highlights, then you can release

But note drag & drop is seldom a very efficient way to user the palette. It's normally simpler to select the measure you want to add the frame to then simply click the palette icon. Or, to added to the end of the score, use the menu (Add / Frames).

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