make a specific measure shorter and leave blank space afterwards

• Mar 9, 2021 - 05:45

I like to have for measures per line, but when I have repetitions it kind of breaks everything.

In this example I have two measures corresponding to an open seconda volta that ends up being to wide. How can I make them shorter and leave blank space after it, so that it has the same width as the rest of the measures.

Or perhaps there's a more correct and comfortable way to format these kind of situations. How would you arrange it to make it easy to read?

Attached is an image and the score itself

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Personally I would recommend just putting all six measures on one system. It's a little crowded here, but not too bad.

FWIW, I used to work as an editor on a popular fakebook series. Our official policy was to keep to the consistent number of bars per line where possible even if it meant starting the bridge mid-system. I was OK with that but never loved it; I'd rather try to get the bridge to start at the beginning of a system.

To get the look you describe - the second ending on a system by itself with a gap after the second ending - you can add a horizontal frame. Removing the break, add the frame, then add the break to the frame. And sie it how you like.

BTW, I see you have two first voltas, and two seconds, placed directly on top of each othert. Best to delete one of each. Perhaps you double-clicked instead of single to add the volta? That changed a few releases ago. Also, my editor's eye tell me to add a double bar after that second ending, also at the end of the bridge. You might also consider going to Format / Style / Chord Symbols and setting "Maximum shift above" to 3 sp or more - this will get the chord symbols to align automatically. This and other useful settings (like larger chord symbols, winged repeats, and MuseJazz font for notation as well as chords) are made automatically if you use the Jazz Lead Sheet template. I'm ambivalent about using the MuseJazz font for the notation but pretty much everything else set in the template is recommended for sure.

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