Increasing space between the TAB & the notation

• Mar 12, 2021 - 15:09

I've tried to increase the space between TAB & notation in a ukulele duet arrangement. I looked first on the forum and understood the following:
Grand stave distance = distance between staves of the same instrument
Staff distance = distance between the staves of different instruments
I selected the first one and increased the values. The TAB and the notation did not change.

Any help gratefully appreciated, thank you..

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"The system" is doing what you told it when you created the score - indeed, it is set up for four instruments. if you wanted it to be two instruments, the way to do that is only add two instruments, and then to each of those two instruments, add a staff. Perhaps a linked staff if you want standard & tab to be lined together so changes to one automatically reflect on the other.

So, to fix it, add staves to the third and third instrument (in Edit / Instruments), either as linked staves, or not and then copying over the content over from the second and fourth instruments. Then remove the latter.

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