Found a really melodic free grand piano soundfont in sf2 format

• Mar 12, 2021 - 20:48

I've been searching for weeks for a free, rich sounding, melodic concert grand piano soundfont that does not seem to have any quirks when you change volume or use dynamics. I Just found one I really like. It is called Yamaha Grand V2.1. It is based on a Yamaha Salamander Concert Grand and is free and available at Soundfont4U. Here is a link to the main page, ( and a link to download it.…

Simply place it into your MuseScore Soundfonts folder, then open a piano song and "Add" the soundfont to the score using the Synthesizer menu. It offers several pianos to choose from by selecting them in the synth Mixer, with slight differences between each. Responds well to boosts in dynamics up to ff. Let me know if you're not sure how to add the file to the synth, or switch to it in the Mixer, and I will post instructions.


Unfortunately, while that soundfont may be gratis, it’s not really free. The Soundfont4U site notoriously is very unclear with regards to licencing and avoids specifying licences clearly. They have some attributions on the website generally, but it’s unclear what applies to which soundfont(s), and the Creative Commons attributions are not even done correctly.

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Thanks for the heads-up. I assume i can use the soundfont in MuseScore to make music, and post a link to download it from Soundfont4U as I did above. Frankly, I am not sure how else I would use it, so is this something to be very concerned about, or just sort of a background concern, particularly since it does not claim any restrictions on it in particular?

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I think you’re safe downloading it, listening to music using it yourself, and linking to it. I’d be extremely wary with anything else, such as, giving wav/mp3/… files created with this soundfont to someone else.

Restrictions in copyright law are automatic; licence grants must be explicit.

I've just updated this soundfont to include a Dark Grand. So the presets now are Yamaha C5 Grand, Mellow Grand, Dark Grand and Dynamic Grand. I think the Dark Grand will suit some pieces better. It is now called Yamaha C5 Grand-v2.3 and is downloadable from my site
I've noticed my earlier version is downloadable directly from Musescore so I'm happy if Musescore put up this latest version. I'm happy with the mix of pianos so I'm not expecting to update this for a good while now.

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