Numerous spacing and placement issues

• Mar 14, 2021 - 17:39

I realize everything I am pointing out in this post can be manually adjusted. It is time-consuming to do so, and I think since one of the goals of the new release is to minimize making manual adjustments (which it has largely fulfilled, thank you), considering and incorporating my suggestions would make the program even better. My examples also include adjustments that show how things should look, for comparison.

Example 1: Grace notes and appoggiaturas are spaced too tightly generally. They are too close to each other and too close to the other notes. Also, trills and other articulations are too far away — in this example, the default placement renders the trill ambiguous. It is unclear which note it affects. The slur in the second measure collides with the dot on the first note. Lastly, when stems are going in the opposite direction, especially when one note is shorter than the other, they are too close together. See the sixteenth note followed by the half note in the second measure. When the notes are of equal value, it is not so much of a problem (see the third measure).

Example 2: An odd default slur placement. In this case this slur should be between stems, not the notes.

Example 3: The three triplet indications are all different distances from the beams.

Example 4: The bowing marks are too far away from the notes. Also, adding fingering messes up the slur and creates a collision. Having the fingering above the slur improves the appearance of this passage.

Example 5: The grace notes are unevenly spaced, and also collide with the preceding dotted note. I realize the spacing issue is caused by the accidentals, but surely there is a way for the program to take into consideration adjacent notes without accidentals and adjust the spacing accordingly.

Example 6: A clef change followed by grace notes creates a mess. Also, the default position of the fingering collides with beams and slurs. Note that the flat is actually closer to the preceding note than the note it affects.

Example 7: Staccato markings and fingerings collide.

This feedback is intended to be constructive. Thank you for taking it seriously.

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