How to produce two parts from two voices with different dynamics ?

• Mar 23, 2021 - 07:01


I encounter a slight problem for which I can not find any practical solution.
I thought a plugin could fix it but I think it's wasted time if the code evolves and / or the team has already planned to fix it (?).

Here is the problem :

Parts generation - when they share the same staff on the conductor (condensed score) - works very well for notes but not for many objects like dynamics which:
- on the one hand: are not easily interchangeable between voices;
- on the other hand: although displayed with the voice color end up being found on both parts (very annoying ..);
- this is also true when Fl. 1 play at one specific dynamic while Fl. 2 is TACET : the dynamic symbol is printed on the Fl. 2 part;

A keyboard shortcut to change the position of objects (dynamics) would be welcome in this context;
As long as the dynamics and other objects are not assigned to the voice, it seems like it will take hours and hours to correct everything manually: hide, move to the top / bottom and so on.
I would very much like to know how you, composer-orchestrators using MuseScore do you manage to realize large orchestral pieces or operas with this handicap when it becomes necessary to print a condensed score (clarity, page turns, ...) and when the two parts play simultaneously in different dynamics (what happens in modern music)?

I'm sure someone has encountered this problem before and found an effective solution!

Thank you very much !

Best regards,

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I don't care about playback. I'm just looking for the most efficient way to achieve something like the link above: condensed score + individual parts (with sometimes different dynamics at the same time).
What would be your step-by-step approach?

  • Input Fl. 1 in Fl. 1 staff, Fl. 2 in Fl. 2 staff then implode and re-input lost dynamics and so on;
  • Input Fl. 1 part in Fl. 1, 2 staff; FL. 2 part in Fl. 1, 2 staff; move dynamics to the top / bottom of the staff (with the mouse?) to be clear then generate parts from voices 1 and 2, hide unwanted dynamics, move things arround;

OR ?

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience.

P. S. : Was there anything planned for MuseScore 4? Imagine how many users the community could gain if this story of dynamics (...) attached to voices were resolved.

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Ok ! :)

Condensed score -> parts from voices
and not: implode individual staffs in order to build the condensed score, right ?
I would like to be sure that I understood correctly. So it's the reverse of Dorico ?

Do you think this "problem" will persist for months to come ? Is it a priority ?


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  • Any shortcut to set object position : top / bottom ?
  • If I decided to write a plugin to speed up the condensed score to parts process or to preserve and set the dynamics right position when merging two staves with implode. Will I waste my time (code changes...) ? Is it it technically possible to write such as plugins ?

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That seems a shortcoming of that voice to part feature, what was voice 2 in the score becomes voice 1 in the voice 2 part, and then the voice 2 slur doesn't work anymore
See #297444: Hairpin attached to note other than in voice 1 in score appears on wrong part
And reg. dynamics see #310295: Slurs and dynamics appear in other staff and #304456: Inconsistent behaviour with dynamics and hairpins, when use parts from voices

As I can imagine, easiest way would be to have three staves in working score:
In production score hide flute1 and flute 2, but parts generate from flute 1 and flute 2 staves.


steb by step:
1. copy content of flute1 to flutes
2. implode flutes with flute2
3. add missing dynamics
4. hide in score, create parts

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