Hairpin attached to note other than in voice 1 in score appears on wrong part

• Nov 21, 2019 - 18:17
Reported version
P1 - High
S2 - Critical
  1. Create a score with multiple instruments
  2. Enter notes in voice 2 in one staff. (It doesn't matter if voice 1 has notes or rests)
  3. Select a note or range of notes in voice 2 only (use the selection filter to ensure only voice 2 notes are selected).
  4. Add a hairpin using the "<" shortcut.
  5. Create parts.

Result: The hairpin is shown in the same measure but on the part associated with the stave below the stave where the hairpin was entered. If the hairpin is entered in the bottom stave it is missing completely.

See attached example and compare the location of the hairpins in the score and in the parts.

Hairpin placement differs in score and parts.mscz

a) the problem does not occur if the hairpin is entered by double clicking the palette item.
b) the problem also occurs with a grand staff. A hairpin attached to voice 2 in the top stave appears beneath the bottom stave when a part is generated. A hairpin attached to voice 2 on the bottom stave is missing if the grand staff is the only or last instrument in the score.


Title Hairpin attached to note in voice 2 in score appears on wrong part Hairpin attached to note other than in voice 1 in score appears on wrong part

Further experimentation shows that this problem occurs if the hairpin is attached to voice 3 or 4 as well as voice 2.

Also, the problem only occurs during part generation. A hairpin added to a score when parts already exist shows up in the correct place.

Priority P1 - High

I hadn't noticed this when submitted, but it's extremely serious. A hairpin on one instrument appears in the part for another instrument entirely! My guess form the description of the symptoms is that we aren't managing the track of the hairpin itself versus its segments in the case when added by keyboard shortcut.