how to delete an augmentation dot

• Mar 23, 2021 - 09:36

there are two ways to delete an augmentation dot and I'm not happy with wither of them.
one is to use ctrl-del thereby changing the measure's time signature.It can be corrected but it is annoying especially when there is more than one instrument and the augmentation dot is only in the first instrument. Changing the time signature affects all instruments for the corrected measure.
The second way is to delete the measure contents and rewrite it. This way time signature stays the same and no other instruments are affected. but is is not elegant.
Is there a smarter way to delete augmentation dot?
thank you


The 3rd (and only reasonable way) is to select the note/rest and press .. It is a toggle, making a dotten note/rest undotted and an undotted one dotted

Funny, the way I do it isn't listed yet. I don't think of it as deleting a dot, I think of it as changing duration. Doesn't matter what change I want to make, I normally do it the same way - with the shortcut for new desired duration. If I have a dotted quarter and I want to turn it into a dotted quarter, I simply press 5. Or 7 to turn it into a whole note, 3 to turn into a sixteenth, etc. A duration change is a duration change.

That said, I do also use Q/W and Shift+Q/W a bunch.

I have a related question. I often try out dotted rhythm in some bars and then decide to remove it afterwards.
Dotting a note automatically halves the proceeding note/rest. That's really nice. But when removing the dots, the bar does not return to what it was. The proceeding note is still half time and a rest is inserted before it.

I am looking for a reasonable way to undo the dotting that also undoes the halving of proceeding notes- preferably for more bars at the same time. How can I best do that?

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