Document changes after saving.

• Mar 27, 2021 - 23:25

I added a vertical frame to separate the cadenza from the material preceding it (Example 1 no frame, Example 2 with frame), but when I save the document it immediately changes so that 1 empty measure of the Flute part shows on its own line (Example 3). I want it to look like Example 2, but it won't save this way. I've made the flute part to always hide when empty, but it still doesn't work. Document and examples attached.

Also, I wish I could hide the instrument names by line. It seems dumb that they have to show in sections where there are only 1 or two instruments playing. I have to do it this way though, because there are a lot of instruments that don't come in until the very end.

Mac, version, Revision 3224f34.

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Don't add a frame. Insert a System Break at the end of the measure preceding the cadenza. You may need to insert a few other System Breaks throughout the score to have fewer measures per line and space things out a bit - if there are too many measures in the lines before a Break or a Frame then sometimes you get lots of measures on one line and just one on the next.

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Do you mean after measure 144? There is already a frame there. Are you saying to add another one? Also, in this score, 145 isn't empty, so it seems to differ from what you showed before.

What we need is the score in the state before the problem occurs, then steps to cause the problem to occur.

EDIT: well, maybe I was looking at the wrong movement. Measure 145 on page 1 is empty. But, there is again already a frame there, and when I load it, 145 does fit on the previous line, so there is no measure by itself. But if I make enough edits, I can force it to another line. Could be this is right on the edge of fitting or not fitting and you're the victim of floating point roundoff. Best to reduce stretch a bit here to give the line more wiggle room.

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Sadly, I've already save over it, and once I save it the changes anyway.

As far as having two frames goes, that was an error. When I need a frame in a score to separate sections, it adds unnecessary frames to the parts (or vice/versa). Where the frame is not needed, I cannot simply delete it as it deletes all of the frames. I have found that if I change the top and bottom gap and the height to 0.00, it effectively removes the frame where I don't need it without disturbing the places where I do.

It looks to me like 145 is empty on all staves. MuseScore therefore picks the top staff to display, because it has to display something. If you'd prefer it show a different empty staff, enable the "Don't hide if system is empty" option for it in Staff/Part Properties.

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