How to get rid of measures in parts that are only there to make room for a cadenza for another instrument?

• Mar 28, 2021 - 22:10

In this piece, one instrument has a lengthy cadenza. Seven bars of irregular beats, excluded from the count, and the rests and barlines are made invisible in the other parts. However, this does take up some real estate in each part. I have apologetically inserted text in each part explaining that a cadenza is happening here (which technically is really during the empty bar with the fermata that precedes it). It would be better to just not have this empty space there at all. Is there a way to achieve this? Image attached, but note I've hidden all the invisibles.

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Do you have examples in published music to show how you want it to look? I would expect the other parts to show a multimeasure rest there normally, or an empty space as you show. You could crease the width using stretch if need be. I'm having trouble picturing what else you might be thinking of.

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I want nothing there. Simply the the empty measure with the fermata, plus the text indicating the cadenza — that's how it is in the Ms. The cadenza exists on a separate sheet in the viola d'amore part, and it is not clear if it was written by Stamitz or someone else (it's not very good, but I wanted to include it for the sake of completeness). The seven irregular bars should not take up any space in the other parts at all, as if they are not even there. Empty bar with a fermata followed by the cantabile. I wish there was a way to simply designate these bars as a cadenza in the software so they don't show up in the other parts at all. I imagine once i get this thing where I want it I should just duplicate the file and delete the viola d'amore part and the extra measures.

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I'm sorry, I still don't understand. You say you want "nothing there" but then you also say "empty measure with the fermata, plus the text indicating the cadenza". The latter is what I'd expect - not ntohing, but a very clear something to indicate that there is room for a cadenza. And that is perfectly doable already unless I'm misunderstanding something. You'll already have any empty measure - or multiple empty measures denoated with a multimeasure rest symbol that you can easily make invisible and replace with a standard measure rest .if you prefer So it seems that result is easily achieved.

If I'm still missing something, please attach your actual score and an image of the actual result from the published music, then maybe I can understand better what it is that is proving problematic.

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The cadenza is very long, and it's impossible to condense the seven measures sufficiently to look just like one empty measure with a fermata. The empty measures, condensed all the way, take up nearly a whole line of space. As the cadenza only appears in one part, I think it will be easier to save out a separate file for the other parts and the score, and delete the cadenza. Also, that way I can have the viola d'amore part appear in the score in E-flat rather than D (still undecided).

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I guess it's the use of measures with actual durations different from the nominal that makes multimeasure rests not work, and also those rests are taking space, but even so, there may be ways around that. Again, if you attach the actual score, it's much easier for us to understand and assist.

But indeed, it's possible in the end that separate versions will be the best way to go.

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That should be the default if the measure is truly empty and you don't have any of the things in it that would cause it to need to be displayed separately - a double bar, tempo change, etc. In your case, I guess it's the text that is causing this to be seen as not empty. If you'd rather that appear directly over the multimeasure rest (I am not sure I'd recommend that), attach it to the first measure rather than the last - we do have special casing to allow that.

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