How well/poorly does the scanning software associated with MS work?

• Mar 29, 2021 - 17:00

The subject line says pretty much all. I'd really like folks' impression and experience using this scan score feature. I have looked for years for reliable scanning software to convert pdf's into MS notation, but I have found that it is either way too complicated for my non-techie brain or just too much work reconciling the finished scan.
Any advice appreciated!


If you mean the free open source program Audiveris that is used internally by the web service that "File / Import PDF" from within MuseScore takes you to, I'd say, most people would agree it's not really state of the art. it's actually a pretty full featured program capable when used manually - installed on your own computer and with the customizations this makes possible. But used in its full automatic mode as it necessarily is here, results are to me seldom so good that it's easier to correct the errors than to simply enter the music manually.

People do have more success with some of the various other commercial programs out there, but still, bottom line for me is, it's seldom good enough that I couldn't enter the music better myself in less time.

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