crescendo/decrescendo on one note doesn't work well

• Apr 6, 2021 - 20:06
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S4 - Minor
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1) Create a tab or partition for electric guitar
2) add a semibreve
3) add a crescendo
4) set velocity of the semibreve to 0
5) set the velocity change of the crescendo to 100
6) the semibreve is not played at all

From the doc it seems some instrument doesn't support dynamic change. I guess it is probably deliberate as dynamic change may seems unjustified for some instruments (like guitar). But:
− At first we are in the XXIst century, so having a piano amplified is not something surprising today.
− And more important, an electric guitar is not a nylon guitar. The volume button is very accessible and playing with volume is not something anecdotal at all. Same for a bass.

So, I thing this functionality should be implemented for all instruments. Or at least for electric guitar and bass (but what about electronic piano for example?). You don't need to introduce this kind of limitation to the soft: the user can decide by himself if what he write is playable or not.
Thanks in advance.


Frequency Many Once
Status active by design

A guitar is not capable of single note dynamics

A volume swell pedel or knob is not the same as a single note dynamic either.
And as long as there is no 'expr.' sound for any of the guitars (or pianos for that matter), MuseScore won't be able to support SND for those

Workaround No Yes

If you do find a suitable experessive sound font though, just select it and in staff properties tick the box for single note dynamics

Ok, if I understand well, you want te keep appart the « mecanic » part (string vibration for example) from the electronic part ? So in this case why not add a palette of effects ? Some of them, like volume expression or whammy, shouldn't be too difficult to implement.