Percussion sounds mixed up (Different)

• Apr 7, 2021 - 15:40

Hi, I want to put finger snap and metal wind chime in my score but finger snap makes wood clicking sound and metal wind chime makes maraca sound. Many other unpitched percussions also make that wood clicking sound. I restarted my computer but still the same... (Maybe it's because I updated the version of musescore??)
Someone please help me!!


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I don't know the names of any soundfonts that include finger snap, but I suspect a web search for those terms would turn up good options. It's not part of the Generaml MIDI standard, so you'd have to be sure to add it after the default sounfont and select the sound manually for the desired staff in the Mixer. See the Handbook for more info on using soundfonts.

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Well, XG's assignments are entirely different than the one we currently have. Looking at its order (not the numbers/pitches) also sort of matches what I said about Sticks being a better match (here Fingersnap and Click Noise is between Scratch Pull and Metronome Click, there it is Stick and Square Click between those same 2, just at different 'pitches')
Adding at least the entries for GS 22-26, which a currently not used by MuseScore, might enable a suitable soundfont to work with them at some point?

The Wikipedia article for Roland GS mentions 2 we don't yet have,

25 Snare Roll
26 Finger Snap

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As far as I can tell GM can easily just add those GS extensions, as they don't seem to conflict at all. And does for most already:

27 High Q
28 Slap
29 Scratch Push
30 Scratch Pull
31 Sticks
32 Square Click
33 Metronome Click
34 Metronome Bell
82 Shaker
83 Jingle Bell
84 Belltree
85 Castanets
86 Mute Surdo
87 Open Surdo

For XG it might need to add more drumkits, but as far as I can see GM restricts those to just 15?

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SC-55 module didn't have "Finger-snap" instrument in drum-map at the time. Therefore, it is a little difficult to find in old soundfonts. This instrument (and others) was added in the times of the SC-88/SC88Pro/SC8820.

There are these and other samples in my personal hobby soundfont that I created myself.

Here I add the samples I have sampled from SC8820 and put into sf2. (Includes only keys 22-26 and 84-88. And these are relatively low quality, short and mono samples: 16bit / 32k). // You can add it to your own personal soundfonts, but perhaps the quality of these may not be suitable even for personal music-work.

Standard-Kit-1: Uses (26) Finger-Snap-2 and (84) Bell-Tree samples;
Standard-Kit-2: Uses (26) Finger-Snap and, (84) Bar-Chimes samples.
(Higher quality and longer duration Bell-Tree and Bar-Chimes samples are available on the Internet, but need to research, and see if they have the appropriate license) .

The SF2 I have added (zipped; you need to extract it) is for informational purposes only. (How does it sound, how is the map layout etc.) And it is not suitable for use in the Musescore software, unless you have advanced knowledge of soundfonts, instrumet.xml and/or drummaps.

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