Irreversible style changes

• Apr 8, 2021 - 02:08

I am having some irreversible style changes in Musescore 3.6.
Firstly, the palettes have changed, and there's no going back, which is annoying since I don't really like the new style (it looks squished and unnatural to me).
Second, the accidentals have permanently changed to the new style. Which means, in complicated scores, I literally have to recalibrate the position of hundreds of accidentals.
Musescore 3.5 score.png
Musescore 3.6 score.png
Would you please add an option to restore ALL 3.5 style? thanks


What palettes have change and in what way?
What style settings for accidentals are you talking about?

From a picture we can't tell what you mean (tah images doesn't seem to show any obvious problems), a (pre 3.5) score would be needed I guess

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Revert to MuseScore 3.5. This is the only option, as the Musical fonts are build into the program and here Emmentaler's accidentals have been changed with 3.6 (to those of Parnassus). There is no style setting for this.

There is no way ar all to tweak single accidentals, so I'm not really sure what you claim to have done to them.

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Decreasing the space setting a tiny but, like from the old default of 1.764 to the new default if 1.75 might do the trick already. Just using the arrow keys, and thus deceasing by a full 0.2 step, is indeed way too much here and changing the look of the entire score quite drastically.
Probably even "less stretch" ({) fixes this already, unless you're at the lowest stretch level already.
These Parnassus accidentals may need an extra pixel here and there, in general though they are pretty much the same size as they were before.

They have been impemented through BTW,

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