Whole tone glissando, how can I do this?

• Apr 9, 2021 - 07:18

So, I thought of using the whole tone scale in glissandos in the Saturn movement of my Planets Suite, but there is no whole tone option under Play Style. So, how can I get a whole tone glissando played? Also, I noticed the glissando goes to beat 2, stops and then on beat 6 it plays the top note. Other times that I've written a harp glissando that goes over a full bar, it doesn't do that pause, it just glissandos up or down across the entire measure(and that's with the diatonic glissando, no easing in or out). Then again, I've only done it in 4/4. But the time signature shouldn't have anything to do with what's happening. If it's a longer time signature like 6/4, the glissando should slow down if it is to be across the full bar. Slow tempo, even slower. That's what a harpist would do.

Anyway, is there a way to get a whole tone glissando? The only way I can think of is to put the glissando notation in Voice 1, deselect play in the Inspector, put the glissando notes in Voice 2, and make Voice 2 invisible. So like this maybe:

Whole Tone Glissando.mscz

But that's cumbersome, is there an easier way that doesn't make the measures so long?


In general, the best way to get non-standard playback effects is simply add the notes on another staff then make that staff invisible in Edit / Invisible.

As for the speed, by default it should space the notes evenly, the ease in/out settings are for when you don't want that. if you have a specific case where you are having trouble getting the effect you want, we would need you to attach the score in order to understand and assist.

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