MuseScore 3 doesn't play notes. Synthesizer is grayed out. MuseScore 2 works.

• Apr 12, 2021 - 04:12

MuseScore 3 play is grayed out and synthesizer is not selectable.
This is a Windows 10 computer with a Chipset integrated by Realtek® ALC887.
It is up to date and the Intel motherboard is 64-bit.

MuseScore 2 works.
I think MuseScore 3 worked for awhile, but I may be misremembering.
I have tried uninstalling the newer version and reinstalling, but still not working.
I've done the factory reset several times.

I can use MuseScore 3 on my HP laptop, but really prefer my workstation.
I am using Arctis Wireless Headphones which show Microsoft using the GS/GM(R) Roland synthesizer.

I tried installing the FluidR3Mono_GM.sf3 soundfonts that MuseScore 2 is using, but MuseScore 3 said it was already using it. I reinstalled anyways, but no change.

Greg U


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Thanks for the quick replay and for the link, I have gone through all of the options listed at least once.
I am baffled.
I think MuseScore 3 puts the soundfont into a Windows system location now?
As opposed to how MuseScore 2 works.
Might this be part of the issue, and if so, do you a suggestion?

Thank you,

Greg U

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Thank you again.

The Preferences > I/O >Reset Audio and MIDI devices button doesn't seem to do anything.
The PortAudio checkbox is selected, but none of the 4 dropboxes show any content.

I have wireless 2.4G Arctis 7 Steelseries headphones. Not bluetooth.
I have done a lot of troubleshooting and tried many combinations of actions with different options, but nothing ever changes on the I/O tab settings. (factory resets, installing different soundfonts to see if the Synthesizer wakes up, checking the Volume Mixer for the headphones (nothing for MuseScore appears there)

Do you have any ideas as to why MuseScore 2 works and MuseScore 3 does not?

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Windows might use that for MIDI, but this should be irrelevant in your audio device settings. If you're seeing that selected as an audio device, something is wrong. I'd recommend Help / Revert to Factory Settings, rebooting the computer, then if things still don't work, show us screenshot of the Edit / Preferences / I/O dialog (after starting MuseScoire with your headphones plugged in).

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Did you verify they sent you a 64-bit driver? A 32-bit driver will work only with 32-bit apps. Also, have you verified there is nothing to select in the API or Device dropdowns?

It could be you need to install the 32-bit version of MuseScore.

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Thank you for your thoughtful and quick responses!

I see no information on the MSI website about the audio driver being 64-bit or not. But it's a 64-bit motherboard and I re-installed their driver for the audio chipset.
Had hopes for uninstalling 64-bit version and installing 32-bit version, but no change.
I'm not sure what it means to select something in the 'API'?
If I go to Sound settings in MicroSoft OS and right-click on the Headset and pick 'About Software MIDI Synthesizer' I get the GM/GS(R) information.
Headset Earphone_SoundSettings_1.png
Headset Earphone_SoundSettings_2.png

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Check in your windows sound settings when you right-click such a device and go into the Advanced Properties to have no checkmark in the exclusive access option.
You might have to reboot windows after changing this option for it to pick up on it decently. This is in hopes that MuseScore is not seeing your devices because windows allowed some other application to lock them. sound-properties-exclusive-access.png

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I plugged in some 20 year old Mac powered speakers that go into the analog ports on the back of the computer.
MuseScore 3 works with those speakers!
So, not ideal, as the headphones are better for everything else due to shared space, but it seems it comes down to an issue with the wireless headphones not going through the Realtek HD Audio Manager.
Why this is an issue for MuseScore 3 and not for MuseScore 2, I have no idea.

The control panel popped up as soon as I plugged in the analog speakers.

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One more thing.
I can't tell you how impressed I am with your support.
You guys are really great.

A bit more.
I think things are workable now, even if there are Mysteries.

I can enable MuseScore 3 playback by:
Right-clicking on the Speaker icon in my taskbar >
Select Sounds >
Select Playback tab >
Select the Speakers Realtek audio icon >
Set as Default.

MuseScore playback works and all sounds from all applications will get played thru the speakers.
To use my headphones, I just go thru the same process and pick 'Headset' and set that as the default.
All sounds will then get played thru my headset.
I don't have to restart my computer, just MuseScore.
So my plan is to leave both playback devices plugged in, I will just use the speakers when I need playback.

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There are two settings possible for the Arctis 7 wireless headset.
No idea why. Maybe a marketing thing.
'Communications' is only 1 channel
'Gamer' is 2 channel.
The software had defaulted to 'Communications', so it was 1 channel.
When I changed default setting to 'Gamer' MuseScore 3 enabled Playback.
So, I guess MuseScore 2 is OK with 1 channel sound and MuseScore 3 isn't.
So, I don't have to wrestle with my old analog speakers.

Thank you for your great support,

Greg U

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