How to use 7zip?

• Apr 12, 2021 - 15:49

I downloaded some soundfonts for Musescore 3.6, and apparently I have to use 7zip to do something to get it to work, but I don't know exactly what I have to do and the instructions on how to use 7zip or unzip compressed files (whatever that means) are so piss-poor that I don't even know how it works. The files I'm dealing with have names like UprightPianoKW-SFZ-20190703.tar.xz and detuned_piano.tar.7z , just so you know. What do I have to do with 7zip in order to get these soundfonts to work on Musescore?


To be clear: you need to install 7zip separately. This is not something your computer would likely have come with, and not something included with MuseScore. You need to do a web search to find a version of 7zip that works on your computer and follow the instructions on that web page to download and install it.

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Do they have a help forum? It's been a long time since I used it, but I remember it being as simple as double-clicking a 7z file in your file browser to open it in 7-zip then pressing a button labeled extra or some such. Or, right-click the file in your browser and choose "Extra with 7-zip". Do neither of these work? What specific goes wrong?

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Their help forum is essentially just a Google search bar, as if to say "Go do it yourself, asshole." Double-clicking just brings up a pop up saying "How do you want to open this file?", which is great, but the only option is "Look for an app in the Windows store" and a ticked-in checkbox labelled "Always use this app to open .xz files". The OK button is completely blanked out and cannot be clicked, rendering double clicking useless. Plus right-clicking the file doesn't give me the "Extra with 7zip" option like you said.

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I've just download that detuned_piano.tar.7z and opened it, via double-click, which started 7Zip, as that is the App registered to handle the .7z extension:
Inseif that I double clicked the detuned_piano.tar and got:

You now just need to drag the folder there into MueScore's Soundfont directory
Then load the detuned_pinano.sfz file from within that in the Zerberus tab of MuseScore synthesizer

Similar for that UprightPianoKW-SFZ-20190702.tar.xz, only that .xz is not what 7Zip is registered for automatically, but you can select it as the App to open it with, then it looks the same as above

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@Abi G Composer

Their help forum is essentially just a Google search bar, as if to say "Go do it yourself, asshole."

Ouch! That's a bit uncalled for. So use the link to go to the forum to ask a question.

Edit: But I see that you have finally got there anyway and it was neither a MuseScore nor Zip7 issue. Hopefully you've found a good soundfont.

I'm pretty sure winzip will open 7z files and there is a free version. I tend to uninstall winzip after using it because I can't stand the constant nagging and updates.

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Ciao Abi, as a layman I would think that your pc has problems or that you need physical help from someone more experienced than me.
Personally, I've archived Windows on the four PCs around the house installing Linux Mint alongside.
I think you could attach one of your .zipper scores here and someone could maybe figure it out.

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